2019 it is mined here ceramic products import and export fair in Ying County the opening

2019 it is mined here ceramic products import and export fair in Ying County the opening


Private economy endeavour in transition

We will vigorously support private enterprises to modern agriculture, new energy, biological pharmaceutical development in areas such as transformation, development of private economy as the realizati


Build cooperation platform produces mutual win

Ceramics industry is traditional industry in our city, in the fierce market competition, facing many bottlenecks, how to play to advantages, integrating resources, development, improve the grade and level is an urgent need to solve the problem. Relying on the advantages, project characteristic, it is mined here industry development plan, combined with complementary with zhuhai, foshan ceramic industry, focusing on the ceramics in undertaking industrial transfer, for the purpose of building mutual benefit cooperation platform, make two entrepreneurs zero distance contact, looking for business opportunities, and seek common development, is the aim of the conference. In order to better the symposium, the city government held a special meeting for many times, arrangement of deployment.


Production line project progress completion environmental protection acceptance of the public

Annual output of 50 million pieces of high-grade special porcelain production line project progress completion acceptance of environmental protection of the public


The company has a modern grand production line two

The latest research and development of mei-yu porcelain series products, thick warm; Lithium porcelain crock pot pot series, flower surface shape fashion novel, more consumer favorite.